Oliver Giving

The Science on Pilates: How Effective is Pilates?

What does the scientific literature say about the effectiveness of the Pilates exercise system? We’ve reviewed the studies and compiled them into this comprehensive article. Click through to discover what the research says about the true effectiveness of Pilates.

The Role of Your Abdominals in Everyday Life

Learn what functional benefit strong and toned abdominals provide in your everyday life. From playing sports to work, singing, dancing, or simply walking and breathing. Your abs play an incredibly important role in your functional wellbeing.

How to Breathe the Pilates Way

Learn what Pilates breathing is about and the benefits it provides. Can the quality of our breathing be improved upon?

How to Choose Your Pilates Instructor

Here are the key questions you should be asking when choosing your pilates instructor, because you’d never purchase a car without doing your homework first, right!?

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